Eveready employs the highest standards of care in the transport of
your clients' valuable acquisitions to local, intrastate, or nation-
wide destinations.

We are sensitive to the dynamics of the relationships between and among designers, vendors, craftspeople, tradesmen, and the clients--no detail is to small to merit consideration. Our expert delivery/installation specialists understand that service is the operative component of "delivery service."


Installation services are provided hand-in-hand with our delivery
services, and can range from simple placement of a delivered piece to
wholesale relocation of furnishings, art and accessories within the
residence. Beds require assembly, tops need to be attached to bases,
rugs in furnished rooms must be adjusted, and, once everything is
placed just so, the artwork will be hung--Eveready delivery/
installation specialists are experts in every aspect. And when
someone changes their mind, we can make that happen, too.

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Using the same standards of care applied to all other aspects of our
our business, Eveready provides household transfer and relocation
services throughout Texas and the U.S. to suit the individual needs of
the client. In addition to all packing, transport, storage, and
installation services, Eveready can provide itemized inventories and
help you plan and execute your entire move.

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Our delivery/installation specialists are well-versed in the transport
and handling of all manner of furniture, antiques, accessories, and
fine art. Typically operating in 2-man crews, additional crew members
are assigned as needed to ensure the safest handling of the
acquistions and to minimize the impact and disruptions to the clients'
locations and ongoing activities.


Delivery/Installation rates are calculated on an hourly, portal-to-
portal basis, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Rates are inclusive of the crew,
equipment and basic supplies to perform most installations. Additional
fees may apply, including fuel and/or mileage surcharges, fees to
extend limits of liabilities, or reimbursement for non-standard
installation supplies. Weekend and before- or after-hours services are
available. Contact us for the latest rate sheet.