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Eveready Relocates to 310 W. Mockingbird
September 1, 2007

Eveready has moved from its long-time location at 3333 Harry Hines to bigger and better digs at 310 W. Mockingbird Lane.  Although we loved the facility and its excellent location, changes in ownership of the building and development in the Victory Park area made a warehouse-based business, no matter how specialized, an economically unsustainable proposition.  The new landlord's public plans to to demolish the building, coupled with a convenient end of Eveready's existing lease, afforded us a timely opportunity to expand and improve our facility at the same time we were relocating.

"Everyone knows that relocating a home or business is no easy task.  This has really been an opportunity to put into practice everything we've learned from servicing our designers and their clients for all these years," remarked Delivery/Installation Director Glenn Taylor, who wrangled the move along with Warehouse Services Director R. D. Foster and President Allan Hayslip. "This is not the kind of thing you can do quickly or carelessly," added Foster, "because business was ongoing during the move, and we still had to know exactly where each of the tens of thousands of unique items in our warehouse were at all times."

Eveready had good success in achieving its primary goal: to make the transition as seamless as possible for customers and their clients. In addition to carefully moving the entire contents of storage from the old warehouse to the new warehouse, Eveready had to move all the equipment and the operations offices, all while tiptoing around ongoing construction and improvements at the new facility. State of the art lighting, HVAC, IT infrastructure, and video surveillance systems were going in at the same time everything else was.

"We've encountered a few surprises," noted Hayslip, "but that's par for the course.  The challenge was to establish options for almost any contingency, always keeping continuous excellent service to our customers as a top priority.  And though they knew that there would be some hiccups, they don't need to hear excuses from us, just how we'regoing to resolve problems in the rare instances where they occur.   We think we rose to the challenge pretty well."