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Eveready Gets a "Shout Out" from Sweet Science
April 3, 2008

Our friend and near-family member Chris Howell is a well-kept secret.  An established and prolific fine-art photographer, Chris's work can even be seen adorning the walls at Eveready, where he allows us to "store" them between shows. Chris's wife Anne worked at Eveready while she was completing her training and certification to become a public school teacher.

Chris branched out into documentary film-making in the early '00's. One result was Old Man, a short and powerful contemplation the relationships between sons and fathers which included a number of local luminaries and regular folk, screened to great interest at the 2004 Dallas Video Festival. Another is Sweet Science, long-term feature-length documentary project following the scrappy principals of the Oak Cliff Boxing Club in the 5-year quest for its state champion boxers to compete and qualify at the US Olympic Boxing trials. 

We've seen advanced (not so) rough cuts, and it's amazing. Eveready and its president Allan Hayslip have helped out with money and/or time as we could, and are flattered that Chris has mentioned us on the website to the movie.

With any luck we'll be able to get Chris to help us out with some photography for the upcoming website project..