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Eveready Launches New Web Site
August 1, 2008


After months of development, Eveready is proud to announce the deployment of its new website at www.evereadyservices.com.  As always, users of the site will of course be able to get a great idea of the depth and range of Eveready's services, as well as nuts-and-bolts information like shipping addresses, contact information, and company and industry news.

"Although most of our staff has always been pretty web-savvy, our website was being treated as an afterthought," says the company's president Allan Hayslip.  "We knew it was important to have something like a brochure up there, but we weren't sure our particular customer base was going to be able to use any of the more ambitious features that we envisioned." Eveready's customers are typically a mobile lot, and constraining them to a desktop to use Eveready's range of services didn't seem like a practical or cost-effective implementation.

But Hayslip's expectations for the site have evolved with the advent of sophisticated, inexpensive, and easy-to-use mobile internet technology, as well as the new generations of design industry professions who've come "online" in the last few years. "Most of the professionals we work with today have never known life without the internet, so some of the barriers to entry have fallen away. They're connected to their email or the web for most of the day, whether at the office, at lunch, or in the car. It's how they expect to do business. We feel like now is the time to exploit this to everyone's advantage."

The website, developed in concert with Hayslip by Duncan Black and Alyson Geye of BlackGeye New Media Group, has a polished look but retains its simplicity and usability. "We know that the visual impact of the site is important," says Geye, "and we think there's a way, through experience and careful planning, to maximize that impact without sacrificing a bit of usability." Duncan adds "it's an organic process, with modularity built into the site and the development process. We can add features and functionality as required without requiring a major overhaul of the site or its plumbing."

After the initial deployment of the site, Hayslip and the BlackGeye crew expect to add features on an ongoing basis. "We'd like to introduce features that complement our existing services, streamlining the process wherever we can," enthuses Hayslip. "We'd like our customers to be able to log in and see photo inventories, upgrade to value-added services, or review their account status and pay their bills. In the very near future they'll be able to easily place delivery orders, check on a damage claim status, or alert us an inbound shipment.And we'd like to figure out a way to link showrooms and manufacturers with the customers' orders, with a view towards eventually providing a full-fledged order tracking system" But it's not just the customers who will benefit, says Allan. "Wouldn't it be great if employees could check their benefits status and schedule vacation time."