In addition to our delivery/installation services, Eveready has
developed a trusted network of partners who can provide the custom
packaging and shipping services required to send items in the safest,
most cost-effective manner.

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The safe transport of valuable acquisitions can require a different
solution for each item, each destination, and each mode of transport.
Eveready can provide the ultimate custom packaging for any mode of
transport a customer requires. Whether a piece requires cartoning,
slat-crating, full-hard crating, or even custom transport cases,
Eveready can provide it either directly or through a trusted 3rd
party. specifically suited to transport by road, rail, sea and/or air.


Eveready maintains a suite of relationships with a range of packaging
and transport companies to suit every need. Our vendors are held to
the highest standards of reliability and accountability, because our
customers expect no less of us.


Rates for custom packaging and shipping vary with each item, each
destination, and each mode of transport. Contact us for current
shipping estimates and other warehouse services rates.