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Currently numbering around 25 valued employees, including field personnel and support staff, Eveready's staff has many decades of combined experience in the specialized delivery business and related fields, and is particularly attuned to the business needs and practices of our primary clientele.

Eveready strives to main the highest standards of accountability and professionalism among its employees, the same standards to which our clients hold Eveready.


Allan Hayslip has co-owned and operated Eveready Services since its organization from the assets of its predecessor in 1999.

A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, filmaker, bartender, bass-player, and photographer, Allan brought a diverse background to the task, and has learned (not always painlessly) "on the job" the ups and downs of owning, running, and growing a small business.

When he wasn't stirring up trouble at Greenhill School and later St. Mark's School, Allan grew up in the offices of his parents' respective small businesses, including his mother Sherry Hayslip Smith's thriving interior design business, where prior to to 1999 he was employed in a variety of specialized, project-oriented work in all aspects of the business. In addition to graduate studies in RTVF at the University of North Texas, he has pursued continuing education at Harvard and SMU business programs, as well as Richland College.

Allan is also a professional musician who has played with numerous Dallas bands, including: SPAM, Crackbox, Vibrolux, Sixty-Six, Floor 13, Tablet, The Barry Kooda Combo, Prince Jellyfish, Rock Star Karaoke, Bonedome, The BAcksliders, Midnight Movie and Tiger Darrow. Allan also pursues an avocation as a photographer, specializing in dramatic live-performance stills, but also developing work in portraiture, product shots, and interior/exterior architectural photography. His work can be seen at www.allanhayslipphoto.com.


RD Foster joined Eveready in 2001 after decades at one of our most prestigious competitors. His wealth of knowledge about all aspects of the business and his extensive contacts make him indispensable in leading our warehouse department staff through the varied tasks required to provide our customers with the best storage, receiving, and shipping services available. RD's laid-back style and perspective have yielded a "following" among our most loyal customers and employees.

Eveready's field and warehouse staff are among the most skilled, knowledgable, and conscientious in our field. Our experienced dispatch/scheduling professionals know all the right questions to ask. Our all-purpose office magician Kelly Heffernan Badger helps us keep everything straight. Our capable young dock supervisor John Perez knows everything that comes in and out the doors. Our confident crew chiefs Klif Hass & Damien Simon, as well as their teams of delivery specialists anticipate our customers' needs.