Using the same standards of care applied to all other aspects of our
our business, Eveready provides household transfer and relocation
services throughout Texas and the U.S. to suit the individual needs of
the client.

In addition to all packing, transport, storage, and installation services, Eveready can provide itemized inventories and help you plan and execute your entire move.

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Eveready will provide a comprehensive estimate for your household or
business relocation. Whenever possible, our representative will visit
the originating and destination sites, view the items to be transferred, and formulate a detailed estimate that represents the planned scope and timeline
of the move.

We can also offer cost options for value-added services, and changes in scope. Estimates are provided with a +/-15% margin of error. Services will be secured on the schedule upon receipt of a deposit of 50% of the estimated total.


Transfer/Relocation estimates and actual charges are calculated on the
same basis as our delivery/installation rates. Final balances on
relocation invoices are 'due on receipt', less any applied deposits.

Contact us
for an estimate and/or the latest rate sheet.